Over the [past 40 years i have had the privilege of serving many congregations. In 1973 we pioneered with Ghanda Mission. This humble edifice i must admit was a premature step of Faith.  It served as a proving ground, a real launching pad to greater. I was able to connect with other ministries and get real world experience in the inner workings of ministry. The  mission was embellished with Evangelism, Biblical training, crusades,prayer and much fasting. I was able to travel throughout the United States spreading  Gods word.



Whether I was Northbound, or  South bound i found myself faithful to the call.I encountered saints and sinners and all categories in between. I soon found out that I  did  not have to travel to the so called jungles of our native land to encounter witches and warlocks.new york

Our nation has fast become detestable with the spirit of sorcery.

The naivety of the work soon left my mind. I found that casting out devils was not limited to Biblical times. I am happy to report that Hebrews 13:8 is alive and well. I learned the truth of the spirituals “you can’t make me doubt him.”,cause i know too much about him”.newark

The faithfulness of our loving heavenly Father outweighs any adversity we have faced. We have been the recipient of millions in real estate, should and ministers.I have no regrets.montgomery

I have declared “whatever you are doing in this season, don’t do it without me.montgomery

Our God deserves all the glory, we give him all the praise.

"MGo ye into all the world and preach the Gospel"

“St. Mark 16:15 e Gospel”

And He said unto them, “Go ye into all the world, and preach the Gospel to every creature

In this hour i hear the Holy Spirit say enlarge your territory “.You have paid the price to become what i called  you to become years ago. We have

traveled Asia and the Caribbean but there is more.

Ministry Updates

Ministry Updates


We are proud to


Apostle Black and the Liberian Churches



Welcome the Liberian churches

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We launch the School of Ministry into a new dimension via our online course offering.

Inn Danville Virginia many years ago we told the students we would bring the school online. We are ever aware God has his on time and

purpose for the minutest  detail he brings into our Spirit. It is paramount to follow him in black yadall.


September 2016


In September 2016 we will fulfill his mandate. These are the courses we will roll out.


Non-Profit Administration  101

Grant Writing

        Leadership Development


:the Priesthood ;

        Vestment Protocol


January  2017


Principles of Praise and Worship

Sacred Arts

Sacred Dance

            Worship Leader